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Ending Homelessness In Athabasca Is Possible

We can do it together!


ACCHS exists to initiate and perpetuate functional zero homelessness as an achievable and integral aspect of our community. We seek to achieve these outcomes by the creation of supports that will best serve the unhoused community, supports that are determined by research into and collaboration with the stakeholders and individuals who would be served by them.

What we believe....

  • Housing is a basic human right for everyone, regardless of their personal choices or circumstances.

  • Everyone deserves the dignity of safe and sustainable housing.

  • We act with empathy and kindness towards all citizens of our community.

  • We choose to see the potential in our community members and create opportunities that empower them.

  • We cultivate safe, inclusive, and diverse spaces. 

  • We inspire hope by providing a path forward.

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